What's new with the patches?

You might know, Zebraspider is going greener and fabrics are a huge part of it. Patches are definitely my bestsellers in numbers, no wonder that I would change this sooner than later. All patches are now organic. There are just a few old ones left for a reduced price. On this occasion, I also discontinued some of the less popular designs, so this is the last chance to get one of these.
What's new with the patches? - organic cotton and reduced surprise packs - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog


First a bit more about why eco fabrics are so important to me. The amount of pesticides used on conventional cotton make up more than 10% used on crops worldwide. When I buy materials, I try to get GOTS certified fabric because the cotton is not only grown organically, but the whole process including spinning, weaving and dyeing is more eco-friendly and includes social criteria as well.


What's new with the patches? - freshly printed bullets, mixtape and chaos skull restock - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
I'm not just printing decorative designs (or band names), some of my patches are quite political - and I have more ideas on different topics. So I don't want to buy just any fabrics and keep feeding the system. You can't say your're against something and then do nothing about it. I used to print on deadstock fabric and leftovers from other projects, but now that's not enough material anymore. 
What's new with the patches? - freshly cut patches with organic cotton fabric - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
Almost a year ago I was searching for a new patch fabric to switch from conventional to organic cotton. After ordering a few samples, washing them and printing some test patches, I still wasn't sure. So I published a poll on my channels and counted the votes. The medium weight canvas was in favour and I settled for it. Not really a surprise as this a a classic patch fabric - sturdy and easy to sew.
What's new with the patches? - organic cotton darvin-fish evolution patch screen print - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
I recently printed a large batch of new patches to fill up the shop and restock sold out designs. These are all only white on black for now (but the canvas is available in other colours so I might do a special edition at some point). After heat-setting to make them washable, I also made new photos. Then I updated the misprints pack in the shop, which is all organic from now.
What's new with the patches? - all organic misprints surprise pack - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
But I didn't re-print all of my designs, because some are just not selling as well as others. The designs that are discontinued from now are "My Way" and "Punk as Fuck", others will be as soon as I have some new designs and need to prepare a new screen anyway. All patches on the old fabrics that I still have in stock, including the coloured ones, are now available a surprise pack.


An exemption is the "Punk as Fuck", which you can still get individually but reduced. For the lucky dip you can choose between four options: only white on black (very limited), all colours, colours and black mixed and all colours with the vegan design. They are mostly printed on twill with some on thinner fabric. Each set of three ist £4 including shipping in the UK, so that's a lot off compared to £2.90 each. You can find all patches here.


What's new with the patches? - organic cotton safety pin patch white on black - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
As I mentioned (and shown here), I already work on new designs. Is there any topic you would love to have a patch but can't find any? Let me know and I might get inspired :)

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