dark, eco and fair as it should be

Title photo of Zebraspider eco Anti-Fashion - as dark, eco and fair as it should be - moon phases lyocell dress and cropped hemp vest
Zebraspider is dark anti-fashion with a style between punk, goth and other inspirations -> kick-ass clothing and accessories for subcultural people who want to express their attitude. Show off your difference with one-of-a-kind pieces and hand-pulled screen-prints. I create from my own tested patterns and extraordinary fabrics to make you feel sexy, comfortable and unique. Zebraspider gear is not only easy to wear but also eco-friendly. To find out more about the materials, exclusive pattern designs and the printing process, click on the icons below.

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That's me, Janina, in a zebra print shrug

I started to make clothes because what I wanted to wear was not available anywhere - only dull, not my size and my style. I taught myself to sew and later also to screen print. When I started to get into eco-friendly apparel, again all I could get was a black T-shirt. Luckily a lot has changed since then, but it's still tough to find sustainable clothing that has no main-stream or hippie look, or alternative fashion that is truly sustainable and has a cool, dark style.


Because of my compassion for the environment and the weirdos, I use my curiosity to find new ways for alternative fashion. There is no perfect way, but I believe creativity and honesty can make it better piece by piece.