Keep your arms and legs warm this winter!

It's this time of the year! Yes, time for new arm warmers and leg warmers! Ok, the arm warmers have beed around for a bit longer, but I made the leg warmers for my last online market. Oh, btw, this was my last event of this kind as I will step away from these for the foreseeable future and focus on other things IRL (more on that soon). Now, grab a cup of hot tea (or mulled wine) and have a look:
Keep your arms and legs warm this winter! - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion

Arm warmers with thumbholes


I've been making this type of fingerless gloves for many years, but I recently improved how I sew them with my coverlock machine for even better quality. You can never go wrong with animal prints! The grey zebra and leopard arm warmers will match many outfits and seemed very popular on my Instagram, and the leopard print won by just one point.
Keep your arms and legs warm this winter! - grey zebra armwarmers - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
Black and grey tartan is also a classic - punk pattern but also dark enough for a goth outfit. The snow leopard mittens are a bit different. They are short and cute, made from a soft and fuzzy fabric. Their cut is straight with cuff material on both sides, which makes them comfortable and suitable for larger wrist sizes. (They always look a bit large on my small hands and wrists.)
Keep your arms and legs warm this winter! - snow leopard mittens - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion

Leg warmers - straight and flared


I usually try to make a few different colours and styles with the legwarmers, but this time I went a bit further and created also flared ones. I made some as custom orders before, so I hope you like these too. I have a collection of knit fabrics that are perfect for these, and I come up with different combinations and decorative elements every time, so every pair is one-of-a-kind!


Keep your arms and legs warm this winter! - all-black heavy knit legwarmers - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


The all-black ones usually sell the quickest. I made this one from a fantastic heavy rib knit that is very stretchy and got a gunmetal-black triangle detail. For the next pair, I used the last bits of bordeaux rib knit. So if you dig this colour, this is your last chance! I used the grey and purple checks for the first time. This fabric is a bit less stretchy, so I recommend a smaller size for this pair.


Keep your arms and legs warm this winter! - green stripes flared legwarmers - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


These two pairs are not only flared but also around 10 cm longer than the other leg warmers - for that nice gathered look around the ankles. As you can see from the photos, the top part is straight and fitted, and only the bottom part flares out, perfect for heavy boots. Both happen to come with stripes - one pair with green melange in the top part and the other black and grey at the bottom.



Let's see the details! I like to use different types of eyelet tape and rings, which all sit on the outside, just below the upper cuff. As I said, I've run out of some fabrics so they won't come back. If you find the perfect addition to your outfit, don't wait too long - what is gone, is gone! I also have some older designs available at a reduced price, so definitely have a look!


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