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Welcome to all old and new readers of this blog! I think it's a good time for an introduction and roundup of what to expect. First, I switched to blogging in English in October 2019, and now more people from all over the world seem to find me. Secondly, after a bit of a hiatus in 2020, I'm back with a range of exciting topics while staying true to the blogs past. I'm planning a new post once a week again and aiming for Monday, but don't pin me down to this. I have so much to tell you, so here we go:


What this Blog is about - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog

Personal DIY projects


This blog has started as a showcase for my personal DIY projects and has been ever since. There are many sewing projects and even some pattern testings, but I also enjoy knitting, crochet, and cross-stitch. You can do so with textiles, including painting, printing, and dyeing; I hope never go out of ideas. I've also done creations for my home, like curtains and upholstery, for Halloween and even using other crafts such as soap and candle making. I hope this brings you inspiration.


What this Blog is about - personal DIY projects - punk & goth clothing - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog

DIY tips and tutorials


The second most important category is DIY tips and tutorials. I like to tell you the story of every project, but I show you how to make these step by step for the tutorials. I usually experiment until I get it just right, and you can get the advantage of that. I try to include every detail and tip I can think of to help you make your project the way you want — no wonder these posts are the most popular. Also, have a look at the comment section where people ask questions and share their experiences.

What this Blog is about - DIY tips and tutorials - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog

Zebraspider products


My little sewing business grew slowly but steadily over the years, and I'm updating the shop more regularly now. The blog is a great place to present the pieces of my new collections and their background in detail. Sometimes, it's just several one-of-a-kind designs from one category, like new belt bags or arm warmers, other times it's coordinating pieces that come together in an outfit. If you want to know more about designs and how the products can be used, the blog is the way.


What this Blog is about - new products - punk & goth clothes, accessories and bags - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog

Behind the scenes


Here you will also find a look behind the scenes occasionally. It could be a work-in-progress report about a personal project or the development of a new product, which can sometimes be a bit of trial and error. I also like to show how my handmade clothes or thrifted pieces come together in outfits to serve as an inspiration for your own combinations. Everything else about my personal life also fits in here, like artwork or the photography of the beautiful places I have visited.

What this Blog is about - behind the scenes of a small alternative brand - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog

Introduction of other small labels


I'm using this blog to promote my own brand and support other small labels with products I love. These posts are not sponsored though, because I believe the best support I can give is paying for everything myself. The designers make a range of products in different crafts from patches and pins to clothing and home. They all have a cool, alternative style in common and incredible people behind. It sometimes feels like one big family, whether we connect on- or offline.


What this Blog is about - introduction of aother small alternative businesses and designers - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog

How to live more eco-friendly with style

In the last years, I tried to become more eco-friendly, both in my business and personal life. I came across some great ideas for DIY projects for eco alternatives. I love upcycling and sustainable fashion. My goal is to pass on what I have learned, so you can live more eco-friendly too. It's not that difficult, but be warned, this can't come without politics. Environmental issues, workers rights, and many other topics need to be discussed before they can be changed.

What this Blog is about - How to live more eco-friendly with style - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog


So in one sentence, this blog is about where to find and how to make, alter and repair your clothes, accessories and home decorations. If you don't want to miss anything, there are three options: You can follow me on Bloglovin; otherwise, I announce every new post on my Facebook page and Instagram account.

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