The 2022 Winter Mini Collection and a preview

This week, I have a few new creations for you - yes, something I haven't offered like this before. I call it my mini winter collection because it is a handmade sweater and three beanie hats. I'm still working on reducing my stash and using what I have to create one-off pieces. This time, I dug through my sweatshirt and french terry knits to keep you warm in style.
The 2022 Winter Mini Collection and a preview - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion

Barbwire Goth Sweatshirt


I drew this idea with the V-neck and the V-shaped hemline a while ago, but the sweater didn't turn out as cropped as the drawing and has full-length sleeves. I wanted to use as much fabric as I had left, and it was just enough for this jumper. It's super soft on the inside and warm! The cut is fitted but not too tight and optimal for a medium size. The sleeves are wide and extra long.
The 2022 Winter Mini Collection - Barbwire Goth Sweatshirt - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
I also found the silver and black barb wire tape in my stash, obviously keeping it for something special. I felt this was it, and I used up on the neckline and bottom hem. I wish I had more - or could remember where I got it from. Then it would be on the sleeves as well. A cool detail is that the edges are folded in a way the fuzzy side of the fabric shows.
The 2022 Winter Mini Collection - fitted black jumper - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion

French Terry Beanie Hats


I also had some lovely thick French Terry fabric, but the piece was not enough for clothing. I was still suitable for some warm accessories, so I made three hats. The backside of the fabric has such a lovely structure that I wanted to show it on the outside. I combined it with jerseys in three patterns and colours: purple plaid, grey leopard and turquoise zebra.


The 2022 Winter Mini Collection - black french terry beanie hat - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


The hats are made from my own pattern and in a medium size optimal for heads around 56cm +/- a bit. You can wear them as slouchy beanies in all black, with the pattern folded to the outside for extra warm ears, or inside out if you want some more colour in your life during the dark, dull winter. Have a look at the shop for more photos of all the different ways to wear them.


The 2022 Winter Mini Collection - grey leopard warm winter hat - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


Now, I have a preview for you. These were initially planned to be included in this mini winter collection, but I currently have little time for sewing, so they're not finished yet. The arm warmers are made from stretchy french terry with eyelet tape as decoration or faux leather on a larger knit. There are some more bits in the making that I'll keep secret for now. ;)


The 2022 Winter Mini Collection and a preview - arm warmers in progress - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


I hope you like this little collection of unique winter pieces. As always, if there's something you'd like to see -let me know!

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