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An altered and repaired outfit for every day - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2022 · 04. February 2022
This week, I'm showing you an outfit that has more behind it than being a basic jeans and band shirt combination. I've owned the striped and flared pants for many years, but it was time to make some changes (and repairs). The long-sleeved shirt is new but needed some alterations as well. Sometimes it's in the small details to make things work. Can you guess what I did?

Punk as Fuck Recharged Mini Collection - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2021 · 14. August 2021
Back in 2010, I had a collection based on some punk T-shirts that I turned into skirts, tops, pants and other things - look at the collage below! It was punk as fuck, and that's what I named it. I felt a strong pull to my roots recently when I re-discovered not one but two boxes full of band shirts that I collected for these kinds of pieces. I pulled out the first few and let my creativity run wild. I present you: Punk as Fuck Recharged!

Everyday post-apocalyptic outfits with Ynhoia and Dorawyn - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2021 · 31. May 2021
I'd like to introduce you to two slow fashion designers today, whose designs go together very well. We drove to the Yorkshire Moors to have an unusual landscape as an excellent backdrop for a post-apocalyptic vibe in nature. I totally wear these outfits to work, though. You know I'm always happy to spread the word about independent designers, even though I have to mark this post as an advertisement.

Tank, Batwing and Longsleeve - new Tops in the Shop - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
2020 · 21. January 2020
This is the last part in the series of shop news for now - after I filled up the handmade tops section as well. Somehow, tops sell much faster than skirts, but I don't seem to make them as often. Maybe it's because I usually wear a lot of band shirts, although there are many cool fabrics in my stash that would make awesome shirts too.

Vom Discharge Tourshirt zum Longsleeve - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
2019 · 16. June 2019
Als Discharge vor einigen Wochen bei uns im lokalen Pub spielten, habe ich mit eins der letzten Tourshirts geholt. Das gab's nur noch in Größe L, daher war mir schon klar, daß ich es auf jeden Fall umgestalten werde. Nachdem ich das Svalbard-Longsleeve in letzter Zeit extrem viel trage, wollte ich ein zweites Bandshirt mit ähnlichem Schnitt. Hier zeige ich euch wie ich die langen Ärmel ergänzt und gestaltet habe.

Flohmarkt: Oberteile - Tops & Shirts - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
2019 · 13. May 2019
Nach den Pullis und Jacken kommt hier der zweite Teil des Flohmarkts, diesmal mit noch mehr Oberteilen. T-Shirts, Tops, Blusen, 3/4 und Langarm-Shirts sind dabei. Manches ist zu klein geworden, Rot trage ich kaum noch und 3/4 Ärmel sind irgendwie nicht so meins. Da der Auslandsversand ja leider immer etwas teurer ist, heute auch mal mit englischem Text. These are all kinds of punk and goth tops that I'm not wearing anymore because of the size or the colour or ..., but a chance for you to grab...