Pocket Shorts for Roller Derby


I'm still doing Roller Derby and as I'm more advanced now, I'm going to more training sessions. More on how this is going also in this post, but first I want to show you my new sports clothes. For Skating, I usually wear shorts and currently I only have a bought and a handmade pair. Time to make another one that is exactly how I want it to be. That's what I did on my X-mas holiday.

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Pocket Shorts for Roller Derby - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog


These shorts are based on the Citrus Leggings, which pattern by Tuesday Stitches I tested a while ago. Like with the other pair of shorts, I wanted pockets, but tight fitting shorts often don't have any. For me, they often hold a tissue and my mouth guard when not in use. I had seen the pocket tutorial for the leggings and thought with the panels it is a good basis for roomy side pockets.


Pocket Shorts for Roller Derby - shorten citrus leggings pattern - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog


I couldn't resist the goth fabric in teal and grey with moths, moons and skulls when I saw it on ebay, although I normally don't buy polyester/lycra fabric anymore. The black fabric is a bamboo viscose / organic cotton mix with spandex. I reckoned an inner length of 17-20 cm would be good, but it took a bit of measuring to adjust the pattern. (Just looks uneven the way I wear them in the pics.)


Pocket Shorts for Roller Derby - build in side pocket - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog


For the pocket, I mirrored the side panel and cut another part from the moth fabric. So there is a seam at the top for stability but none at the bottom. I made the shorts with the given height with and used 3 cm broad elastic that proved to be very comfortable with my dyed leggings. The sizing of these (made in 8) is right, I just might adjust the middle seam a bit for the next pair.


Pocket Shorts for Roller Derby - detail of seam and inside - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
Now to my favourite sport. I recently passed all my minimum skills tests, which allows me to play scrims and bouts. The most difficult part for (many skaters and) me was the 27 laps in 5 minutes test. I've been training track situations for a while now, but I just started to get into game-play tactics. Everything is happening so fast on track and I still don't really know what I'm doing...
Pocket Shorts for Roller Derby -  from citrus leggings pattern - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog


Championship season begins soon. The last season was very exiting, even if I only watched all games from our merch table. (More on our handmade merch maybe another time - of course I'm involved with the creative stuff.) The York Minxters came out second and with a promotion to Tier 2. I'm still so happy to be part of this team and having fun skating, just sometimes putting too much pressure on myself.


Pocket Shorts for Roller Derby - moth, moon and skull fabric - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
As you can see in the last picture, I got an number and a name now - DiströJa 81. Since December, I also doing some off-skate fitness - joined a gym again after years. Helps not only with my fitness but also with my mind. If feels so good to have found a sport that I love - and many friends with it. (Not to mention the opportunity for all the sports clothes I need now...)
Pocket Shorts for Roller Derby - black and grey goth style - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog


I still have to test the shorts while skating, but there will be another post about Roller Derby for sure. How do you like my pattern hack?

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Comments: 4
  • #1

    Frau Jule (Tuesday, 14 January 2020 14:17)

    ouh yeah! mehr roller derby zeug! das liest sich spannend, was du zu berichten hast. in hamburg ist gerade auch ganz großer umbruch in der szene, den ich nur absolut vom rand aus beobachte. ich bin gespannt, was da in den nächsten monaten noch passiert.
    spannend auch deine feststellungen zu "was sport mit dem kopf macht". geht mir ähnlich.
    und natürlich eine ganz fabelhafte hose!

  • #2

    Janina (Tuesday, 14 January 2020 15:02)

    Danke dir! :D
    Ja, hier bewegt es sich auch immer, momentan haben wir relativ viele Änderungen im Team und große sportliche Herausvorderungen. ;)
    Liebe Grüße

  • #3

    Svea (Thursday, 16 January 2020 06:58)

    Huhu, Gratulation zum bestandenen mst! Voll gut, jetzt gehts richtig los ;-)
    Das Thema mit den Taschen kenn ich, deine Lösung ist echt gut. Hoffe ich schaffs endlich mit meinem Knie mal wieder zum derby. Aber der kopffaktor den du beschreibst, kann ich nur bestätigen. Liebe Grüße, Svea

  • #4

    Janina (Friday, 17 January 2020 14:42)

    Vielen Dank! :D
    Dann gute Besserung, damit du bald wieder skaten kannst! Ansonsten, bei uns sind Gerade-nicht-skatende auch oft mit in der Halle ;)
    Liebe Grüße