2021 shop update - arm warmers, wristbands, skirt and top


What a month - short but insense! We're still in lockdown here in the UK, but I was busy preparing for my first Alternative Market of the year. It went well, and I also found some treats for myself. I updated the Etsy-shop with all new products created for the market - many different pieces in a range of sizes. I hope you like them as much as I do.


My 100-day project: Designing fabric patterns - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion Blog

Fitted Arm Warmers


Most of February was freezing cold over here. I thought some more arm warmers would be perfect, and they sold so well at the last market. But the previous week was very spring-like already, and now, I have some pairs left. First, there are fitted fingerless gloves. I named the first pair Mystic Moths, and I love this print with skulls and moons in grey and turquoise. For the second pair, I used the last bits of the semi-sheer zebra fabric.


My 100-day project: Designing fabric patterns - stars sketch - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion Blog

Purple Plaid Pixie Skirt


The arm warmers with this fabric sold, though I do have some left for another pair. Spring is the right time for a colourful pixie skirt, right? The top layer has a plaid print in purple with pink and grey. The layer beneath is a plain black organic jersey. This style is so very comfy to wear and flexible in size because of the broad, stretchy waistband. It is ready to ship in size S-M, and M-L is available as a custom order.


My 100-day project: Designing fabric patterns - ink and watercolour studies of coffins in purple and teal  - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion Blog

Colourful Bullet Patches


Until now, I never bothered to print the bullet belt patches in any other colour than black. But the organic cotton canvas also comes in grey, my favourite shade of purple and bright turquoise. I made some prints with black ink and adored how they came out. It is also the first time the large safety pin and zipper are available in silver on black, and I have no idea why I didn't do this earlier.


My 100-day project: Designing fabric patterns - watercolour experiments - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion Blog

Straight and Reversible Arm Warmers


The second set of arm warmers have a slightly different cut. There is the one with thumb holes and cuffs and the reversible one. The grey leopard with red spots is a lovely knit; I only had a piece large enough for this pair. The reversible arm warmers have no thumbholes but are so flexible in the way you can wear them - pattern on the outside with black ends, inside-out for all-black or with the design at one end.


Reversible Wristbands


The reversible wristbands made a comeback! I have so many small but cool pieces of cotton from belt bags and masks, and I hate throwing things away. I combined two each for this set of cuffs that are easy to wear and have snap buttons to adjust. Because of the starting material, they come in a variety of prints and sizes, but also accomodating a lot of different wrists ;)


My 100-day project: Designing fabric patterns - coloured wood coffin test prints - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion Blog

Black Bats - Organic Tank Top


The last piece is my favourite! This shirt style is available in different sizes for the first time after I finally graded the pattern from S-XL. Before my 100-day project of fabric patterns, I had the bats printed on the organic jersey. I'm super happy to offer you my design "Black Bats" in this fully organic piece - easy to wear every day. I can't wait for warmer temperatures outside! Size M is ready to ship; all others are made to order.


My 100-day project: Designing fabric patterns - batwing watercolour and ink studies - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion Blog


The next Alternative Market I'm trading is in May, and I'm already planning. But there will be new designs before that for sure!


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