2021 belt bags and new shoulder bags out now!

If you missed the online market, this is for you. Summer is here, and we are finally allowed to go out again, so a belt bags comes in handy on a walk through the town or an evening in the beer garden. If you need to carry around a bit more - a small grocery shopping after work or a sixpack and a jacket for meeting friends in the park - the new shoulder bags are just right.
2021 belt bags and new shoulder bags out now! - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion

Belt Bags


This year's belt bags come in a range of patterns and colours, so you can find one that matches your style, be it colourful animal print or rather abstract and dark. There is a classic Red Leopard & Skulls and the Dark Reptile & Zebra in black and white. All belt pouches come with an inner zipper pocket and a belt loop that's 6 cm wide and fits a studded belt.


2021 belt bags and new shoulder bags out now! - Split Red Zebra belt pouch - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


The Split Red Zebra pattern is not printed but dyed in a shibori technique. The Teal Stripes & Stars got their colour from dying as well, and the Polka Skulls & Zebra are done with hand screen printing. The lining is always patterned too and matches the look. Two other fab combinations are the Comics & Polka Dots and the one I named Liquid Silver & Squares.


Shoulder Bags


The shoulder bags are made from a mix of denim, faux leather, canvas and oilcloth with a beautiful patterned lining. All have a magnetic closure and a snap hook to attach your keys - never search for them at the bottom of a full bag again! Leopard & Stripes combines the red animal print with black pinstripes and faux leather. Wider stripes in black and white are inside.



Decay & Spiderwebs is a wild combination of flocked denim in grey, spiderweb oilcloth, purple faux snakeskin and a zebra print canvas as lining. Leopard & Plaid is a bit more lightweight and for those who like teal and turquoise. It has tie-dye denim, a cheetah print and a matching tartan fabric on the inside. The panel at the side makes these three bags about 10 cm deep.


2021 belt bags and new shoulder bags out now! - Tote Bag Leopard & Plaid inside - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


The following two have an additional inner pocket with a zipper that is large enough to fit your wallet and phone. The fabrics are very sturdy, which makes the bags great for everyday life. Liquid Silver is somewhat plain on the outside, but the large scale zebra lining makes up for that. These don't have the side panel but are just as big as the other ones (~ 40 x 37 x 10 cm).


2021 belt bags and new shoulder bags out now! - Tote Bag Liquid Silver zebra pocket inside - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


Skulls & Zebra features my favourite skull print and a zebra pattern on faux leather for the bottom. You can just wipe it down if it gets a bit dirty from putting the bag on the ground. The tartan lining in blue, black, green and yellow adds more than a pop of colour to the inside. In the WIP picture, you can see the faux leather that's stabilising the magnetic snap. I'm really tempted to keep this one! :)


2021 belt bags and new shoulder bags out now! - Tote Bag Skulls & Zebra tartan inside snap hook - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2021 belt bags and new shoulder bags out now! - magnetic closure WIP on tartan - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


Thanks for checking out my new designs! All bags are available in the shop now; just click on the names or images to go straight to the listing.


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