Bats, Bones and Coffins - now in the shop!

I have a quick shop update for you today. There are two pieces with my latest patterns printed on an organic jersey, and I hope you like this top and the mini skirt. Otherwise, I'm swamped preparing for the upcoming markets. Mark these in your calendars: First, the Alternative Market on 1./2. Oktober (online on Facebook) and second, the Leeds Goth Market on October 23rd. Hope to see you there.
Bats, Bones and Coffins in the shop! - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


Now to the new pieces. I used the watercolour coffins print for a sleeveless summer shirt. It's the same cut as the bats top, just with a different arrangement of fabrics. The coffins are on the whole front and the top part of the back. The lower part of the back is plain black.
Bats, Bones and Coffins in the shop! - colourful coffins top made to order - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


There are no extras, so this makes a great everyday top that adds a little bit of colour. This top is available in size M ready to ship. All other sizes are made to order, but only three in total. At the moment, I can make sizes S to XL for this style but more's in the works.



The Bats & Bones Skirt has not one but two exclusive prints combined in a diagonal split. I really like this look, and similar skirts always sell fast. The bats are the same as on the bat top, just in black on grey. The bones came from a page in my sketchbook that I made patterns of. This is the stripe version.


Bats, Bones and Coffins in the shop! - grey bat and bone stripes print mini skirt - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
The skirt itself is a basic stretch skirt to make the most out of the prints. There is elastic enclosed at the top for a good fit. I only have one mini skirt for now (in size M), but I can make more in all sizes when I get more of the fabrics. Let me know if you're interested!


That's it for today. Go to the shop to check them out!


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