Moon Phases Collection out now!


I know, it took way too long for these to hit the shop. I would love to create extensive collections and bring them out at once with a cool lookbook and everything. But this is still a side hustle, and only I end up holding creations back because I think they're not ready. So I went ahead with making product photos, and now all three items with the moon phases are finally available, plus a new (old) vest.
Moon Phases collection out now! - Eco-friendly dress, vest, skirt and bags - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion

Moon Phases Dress


You might know the Moon Phases Dress from the Ethical Fashion Show I did in *cough* 2019, but definitely from my front-page photo. This outfit was all about eco materials, and I wanted to use Tencel fabric. I only got my hands on the unbranded version lyocell and used a super large screen to print the pattern onto it. It felt great modelling it for the shop, and like making more dresses this year.

Zipper Cropped Vest


I love cropped vests because they look fab worn over a dress or a band shirt. This zipper print vest is the first item I made out of hemp fabric but surely not the last. These fabrics usually come in natural only, but they take up dyes very well. This canvas was dyed by me, and I added a zipper print on the back. Being 100% hemp, the vest is not stretchy but has a fitted cut, and you can always wear it open.


Moon Phases collection out now! - Eco-friendly hemp black cropped vest zipper print - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
Moon Phases collection out now! - Eco-friendly hemp fitted black crop vest - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion

Moon Phases Skirt


The matching skirt was originally also from printed lyocell leftover from the dress. But for this type of skirt, a cotton/spandex jersey works better. The moon phases skirt will be printed and made after your order in your size. As with all of these sexy tube skirts, the waistband and bottom are made of organic quality cuff material that keeps the mini skirt from sliding up or down.


Moon Phases Tote Bag


The moon phases print also looks great on tote bags. Like the bullet bags, I print them edge-to-edge - something you usually don't find with the screen print method. The pattern will be a bit different on each tote; that's also the beauty of it. There isn't much more to say really, it's the organic bags from Earth Positive - oh, and I got a lovely positive review for it recently.


5 Unusual things that look better with patches - patched up baseball hat - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion Blog


I'd love to do more with the moon phases, but what? Let me know what you would like with this pattern.


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