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Everyday post-apocalyptic outfits with Ynhoia and Dorawyn - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2021 · 31. May 2021
I'd like to introduce you to two slow fashion designers today, whose designs go together very well. We drove to the Yorkshire Moors to have an unusual landscape as an excellent backdrop for a post-apocalyptic vibe in nature. I totally wear these outfits to work, though. You know I'm always happy to spread the word about independent designers, even though I have to mark this post as an advertisement.

Update on the not-so-white-anymore punk vest - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2021 · 10. May 2021
In case you don't follow my blog for some years, a summary of the white vest story first: I discovered a white vest in 2017 along with some UK bands after moving here. I collected patches from local bands and added them shortly after. A year later, I reconstructed the collar and started to add studs. I didn't wear it often because it's still a bit bright for my eyes.

Moon Phases collection out now! - Eco-friendly dress, vest, skirt and bags - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
2021 · 03. May 2021
I know, it took way too long for these to hit the shop. I would love to create extensive collections and bring them out at once with a cool lookbook and everything. But this is still a side hustle, and only I end up holding creations back because I think they're not ready. So I went ahead with making product photos, and now all three items with the moon phases are finally available, plus a new (old) vest.

End of Other Times collection - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion Blog
2021 · 05. April 2021
I promised you last week, so here is the End of Other Times collection's official launch! I finally finished the latest pieces, two denim skirts and two vest tops (*cough* today). There are also two new pairs of leg warmers to complete the outfits. All these are not in the Etsy shop yet but will be by the end of tomorrow.

Preview of what I'm currently working on - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion Blog
2021 · 29. March 2021
The fifth blog post of this month, I'm really sticking to my schedule again! I took a few days off work to make most of the bank holidays and get back to sewing products for the shop. There is also a market again in May, and I like to start preparing early. So, this is a preview of the designs that will be available soon.

Zombie knitted vest & Crochet crop top of dreams - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion Blog
2021 · 08. February 2021
Today I'd like to show you the results of two yarn projects that I introduced a while ago. You can read all about the yarn and the patterns I used in that blog post. One of the projects came to me in a dream, and I just had to make it a reality. Here I'm focusing on how to wear the pieces, including a bit more about the rest of the outfits. I hope you enjoy the story and photos.

Needlework in progress - crochet top and knitted vest - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
2020 · 11. March 2020
I'm currently working on two yarn-based projects, a crop top in crochet and a knitted vest. Both have in common that I've done something similar before and that the yarns were not from my (still not shrinking) stash, but purchased specifically for these two garments. I'll tell you a bit more about these and why I chose them is this post (so this might qualify as unpaid advertisement), as well as the patterns I used an what I like about them.

Ethical Fashion Show - Mondphasen Outfit - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
2019 · 17. April 2019
Heute möchte ich euch von der Ethical Fashion Show in York berichten, meiner ersten Modenschau überhaupt. Wie der Name schon sagt standen verschiedenste Aspekte der Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltfreundlichkeit im Mittelpunkt. Hier geht es um das erste von zwei Outfits. Das Model ist Dani, eine Freundin die ich auch vom Roller Derby kenne. Zustande gekommen ist das, weil ich an Silvester die Mitorganisatorin Anna (von/mit Banshee Vintage) kennen gelernt habe. Die Fotos von der Show sind von Stephen...

Mehr schwarz auf der weißen Weste - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
2018 · 30. April 2018
Endlich geht's weiter mit der weißen Weste! Scheinbar ist dazu immer ein Festivaltermin nötig - wie du letzte Woche wahrscheinlich schon gesehen hast. Ich habe aber nicht nur ein paar Nieten angebracht, sondern auch etwas am Schnitt geändert und einen ganz neuen Kragen genäht - natürlich mit Zebramuster. Es kam auch ein bißchen Farbe mit ins Spiel und hat den Gesamteindruck ein ganzes Stück verändert. Hier nun, was ich mit der Weste so angestellt habe.

Die nicht mehr ganz so weiße Weste - schwarze Aufnäher drucken - Zebraspider DIY Anti-Fashion Blog
2017 · 24. July 2017
Die weiße Weste im Ausgangszustand hatte ich euch ja schon vorgestellt - zusammen mit ein paar lokalen Bands. Das ist auch das Thema dieser Kutte - sie soll voll werden mit meinen Lieblingsbands aus England. Am letzten Wochenende war hier ein dreitägiges Punkfestival im lokalen Pub. Weil dort viele der Bands spielen sollten, habe ich endlich weiter an der Weste gearbeitet und als erstes mal ne Menge Patches aufgenäht.

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