Update on the not-so-white-anymore punk vest


In case you don't follow my blog for some years, a summary of the white vest story first: I discovered a white vest in 2017 along with some UK bands after moving here. I collected patches from local bands and added them shortly after. A year later, I reconstructed the collar and started to add studs. I didn't wear it often because it's still a bit bright for my eyes.
Update on the not-so-white-anymore punk vest - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


Now, I did not only add more studs and patches, but I also fitted some zippers into the gaps. Two were under the pocket flaps. Although the pockets are not very useful, they are the only ones on this vest, and I didn't want to sew them down. No usable pockets, must be a women's vest. This meant I had to do some hand sewing, but never mind, I love chunky metal zippers.
Update on the not-so-white-anymore punk vest - zipper, pocket flap badges, patches detail - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion
Update on the not-so-white-anymore punk vest - gunmetal black screw studs, pyramids and awl - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


I also got some more of the gunmetal black screw studs. As I said before, some of them didn't close completely, but I might be able to use them on thicker material. The most important tool is a sharp awl - and yes, I did poke my hands a few times, ouch! The shoulders are covered now. At the bottom, I removed the buttons and added more pyramid studs.


Update on the not-so-white-anymore punk vest - back detail pyramid studs - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


For the front, I was lucky to have some narrow and long patches. I cut the Varukers to fit it around the button and fixed that area with some hand stitches. The buttonholes on the other side are covered. I don't think I'll ever close the vest, but I could add them if needed. I also changed many of the badges to fit the vest - UK bands theme only.



Such a difference in the before and after pics! The inside is still very white, and you can see I used two different machine stitches for the patches. It started with method 3 of my patch sewing tutorial, but then I liked the frayed look more and switched to #4 zigzag. I want to add fabric to the inside until summer, no metal directly on my skin, and maybe some pockets too.


Update on the not-so-white-anymore punk vest - inside - Zebraspider Eco Anti-Fashion


How do you like the updated version? There is still some space, though - and one can always add more studs. ;)


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